Heating Controls

Heating Controls Case Study

Emma has a four bedroom detached house with a floor area of 150 metre squared and had an annual heating bill of €1,700. Despite having installed a new boiler several years earlier, Emma had very poor control of the system. She had neither temperature nor time control of the room space and water heating, and could not heat water without turning on all the radiators in the house or the electric immersion heater. This meant both heating and hot water were left on for long periods throughout the year, unnecessarily increasing the heating bill.

Modern Thermostatic controls installed by Walsh Heating & Plumbing, Waterford, Cork & Tipperary, Ireland
Emma decided to get some simple heating controls installed in her house in order to significantly reduce her annual energy consumption and heating bill. The heating system was divided into 2 zones (1 for space heating and 1 for hot water) by her heating engineer who installed a 7-day programmer with room and cylinder thermostats and a motorised control valve. Emma can now heat her water without having to turn on radiators or the electric immersion heater and the programmable timer also allows her much greater control of when the heating should operate in each zone. Before installing these control measures, Emma used to regularly leave the heating system running all night to make sure that house was warm in the morning and that there was enough hot water for her family to have showers.

The installation of these new heating control measures means that she has much greater control over her heating system and her annual fuel bill has reduced by 30% - an annual saving of over €500 per year. Typical costs for this type of upgrade are approx. €800 - €1,000 (excluding grant). Emma was also able to secure grant aid from the SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme to help her with the cost of her heating controls upgrade

Cut Energy Bills by up to 30% with Modern, Easy to Use Heating Controls

Out-of-date central heating system components and controls can lead to inefficient performance, deterioration of component parts of boilers, radiators, thermostats, etc. while wasting costly energy.

The proper use of programmers and time switches is necessary in order to efficiently manage close control of both heating time and temperature. It makes economic sense therefore, to upgrade to an easy-to-use programmable system that gives you more options for controlling your heating and could reduce your energy usage by up to 30%.
Thermostatic Radiator Valves installed by Walsh Heating & Plumbing, Waterford, Cork & Tipperary, Ireland

Radiator Thermostats

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) are the most original and simplest room temperature controls are essential to achieving full energy efficiency.

Programmers and Room Thermostats

You don't have a room thermostat?
Rooms are too hot? Or, too cold when you come from work or the kids from school?

Update to a Programmable Room Thermostat

Simple to use Programmable Timers installed by Walsh Heating & Plumbing, Waterford, Cork & Tipperary, Ireland

Old fashioned thermostats and other forms of outdated heating controls can be costly so it makes economic sense to upgrade to a programmable room thermostat that gives you much more options for controlling your heating.

Motorised Valves: Motorised Valves, one for heating, and one for hot water are the means by which thermostats and timers adjust the level of heating by regulating the flow of hot water from the boiler to the radiators and hot water cylinder respectively.

Heating Zones

Your heating systems should split into two independently controlled "zones"; 'Space Heating Zone' and 'Domestic Hot Water Zone'. You are then able to heat your domestic hot water without being forced to turn on your space heating. Additional zones can be used in large homes to split upstairs and downstairs or living areas and bedrooms.

Heating Controls Bonus

While the family enjoys a more comfortable living experience, bills are reduced and the environment gains by the lessening of greenhouse gas emissions.

Heating Control Check List

You can do a quick check on your heating control requirements by answering the questions below. If you answer No to all or most of the questions below, it would be beneficial for you to install some heating controls:
  • Can you heat your domestic hot water without switching on your radiators or an electric immersion heater?
  • Can you turn on your heating without heating your domestic hot water?
  • Can you easily adjust the heat output from radiators in the rooms you use most often?
  • Have you temperature control on your boiler?
  • Have you time control on your boiler that you can set for different days of the week?
  • Have you a separate temperature control for your hot water cylinder?
  • Have you a separate time control on your hot water cylinder?
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